Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gangster Bike Hong Kong

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I was lucky enough to spot this stunning bicycle. Not great to tour duties, or ferrying the kids around town. But excellent for cruizn' the backstreets of Kowloon. I think they are known as 'Gangster bikes' in Hong Kong, and are usually seen inly late at night. Sorry about pic quality.

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  1. wow, my friend showed me a picture of a motorcycle and it instantly remind me of when I was kid in Hong Kong, Aberdeen. I rode a lot of bikes in Hong Kong, and I remember they are called "9 Loon Jai" and it translates to "kowloon kid" and the "spoiler" part at the end of the bike is called the "pheonix's tail" fung mei in Cantonese. But that was when I was a youngster, in the 92s-94 when I was 5-7 years old. Anyways, Glad I stumbled onto this pages, reminisce how I wanted one of these back in the days. And you are right, they are the gangster bikes. lol