Monday, December 26, 2011


This is a very sweet looking machine, trioBike. The pictures say it all really, but at 31kg complete its an impressive package. I know my kids would love to cruise around in this.

Coach Cycling Bag

Well after seeing the Gucci cycling products, I am not surprised to this "Bowery Leather Handlebar Bag" from Coach. Its listed at $248. They also have a small notebook, with a cycling print, pannier bag and a frame bag, all very smart.

Nice Cycling Shirt

This is definitely one of the nicest pieces of cycling apparel I have seen. Definitely a nice idea from Margaret Howell, who loves putting together clothes that are "meant to be worn in the real world".

Thursday, December 22, 2011

ORTRE Essentials: Pump, Lock, Tool

All the ORTRE Essentials are now available. A mini floor pump, lock and multitool set. All designed to stow away in your favourite bag. The latest addition to the Essentials range is the pump: designed to fit both presta and schrader valves, and get decent pressure in both high volume or high pressure tyres with a minimum of hassle.

Friday, December 16, 2011

HK - Harbour Front Bike Ride

Just a reminder for the 5th Harbour Front bike ride in HK - Today...

Bicycle Triumphs Traffic - in Lego

Stumbled upon this creation by Sean Kenny, acclaimed Lego Artist, on lostateminor. Named "Bicycle triumphs traffic" its a lego sculpture depicting a bicycle championing over traffic chaos.

Kenny, a New Yorker, was inspired to make the creation one day whilst riding to his studio through Midtown Manhattan. With cars jammed left right and centre, he was still able to smoothly zipp through the chaos on his bike. So with 2 days, thousands of kids and over 75000 black Lego blocks the traffic jam  was created, whilst Kenny assembled the eco green bike. But whats really cool is that the sculpture is for sale, at $12,500 it makes a pretty expensive Lego kit (it is however glued together).

Another pice by Kenny which I like is "SUV" , a piece questioning America's love of the SUV.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

functional clothing for people who like to ride bikes

You can probably tell from a lot of the posts that we love websites that help out designers and entrepreneurs. Kickstarter is one of those sights that we have featured before, and today I have found a nice successful kickstarter project, Bobolink Cycling Apparel were successful in raising their goal of $7500, so I assume their "functional clothing for people who like to ride bikes" should be available in the near future. I like the styling - but not so sure about the yellow band - I think I've seen that before somewhere. They have a nice video, sorry could not figure out how to embed this one.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quirky, collapsable helmet project

Over at Quirky they are working on a collapsable helmet project, its in the "Concept Phase" at the moment. There are some nice ideas - I pinched some and have shown them below. I hope this project goes all the way, for sure carrying around a helmet before and after cycling can be a bit of a pain, so if your helmet could decrease in volume for easy stowage would be great. Dahon has a folding helmet, the Pango which is pretty well thought out. Lets see if Quirky can do better.

Santa Monica Bike Center

To promote the use of non-auto transportation, and bicycling in particular, the City of Santa Monica has built and opened 2 Bike Center's in its downtown core near the future terminus of a Light Rail Line.  The Center is intended to provide secure bike parking and a variety of mobility services, including retail, bike repair, bike rental, attended bike parking, public information on alternative transportation, and additional related services. Congratulations, as reviews of the center on Yelp pretty much are 5 out of five all round so far. 

The Santa Monica Bike Center is operated by an independent contractor, and the larger of the 2 Center's offer the services shown below:

Every city has a "central station" or hub for conventional public transport, if every city had a hub for cycling it would fantastic. Somewhere where you know you would be able to get services as above. 

Transformer bicycle

Well - if I was riding that, I would wear a helmet. I admire his balance.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cycling T's for Christmas

If your struggling for some gift ideas for cyclist friends. Or your looking for something for yourself go to Redbubble and search cycling. You'll get a selection of pretty nice designs. If your not familiar with Redbubble its a site where people put up their own artwork, and you can buy it all facilitated by Redbubble who either print the artwork as poster, on t-hirts, hoodies, cards, calendars etc. The cool thing is an artist can make money out of the process without having to make any investment themselves.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free Magazines

Hi There, this isn't an advertisement, just wanted to point you to some free quality press. I've found buying magazines to be pretty expensive of late, and I do think its a bit more environmentally friendly to go the online route.  Even though nothing beats thumbing through the real thing.

Firstly Ride Journal,  there 2nd issue is available as a pdf at the moment, there are some good articles, great graphic design and pics. Not to mention a great mix of all riding styles, road, mtb, cross, fixed etc.

Urban Velo has long been a staple for my cycling reading, they always have past and current magazines available free online in pdf format.

Fixed from the UK has older issues available.

For those who dont like to pedal as much you can check out Electric Bike Mag, admittedly I have not read this - but it looks like theres loads of good info here for the E bike dudes.

For off roaders this ones nice, International Mountain Bike Magazine.

I'll keep looking for some more - if you know of any let me know - and Ill work on building up a directory.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bianchi and Gucci Collaboration

Just in timee for Christmas, Bianchi and fashion house Gucci have collaborated to produce a tourer, $14,000, and a single speed a single speed city bike, $6,200. For sure they would look good parked next to my Gucci Fiat.  

Im glad Bianchi's classic Celeste colour doesn't feature on the bikes. Im glad they didnt forget the accessories to go with the bike, a helmet for $890, and gloves for about $250, and water bottle for a tidy $105.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Everythings Connected: Cycling Advocacy Vignette

Heres an add by Sydney Cycleways, thats  in the form of a personal vignette from a real-life Sydney bike rider. “Everything’s Connected” was a response to testimonials from a wide variety of bike riders to the efficacy of Sydney's cycle-paths, and cycling in general. Very "feel good". Its a pity there are only two other cyclists to be seen in the video.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bike Love - Radio

Just encountered this great blog - "BikeLove".   Not only a good read, its a good listen too.  Its a blog that is I guess the online aspect of a radio show thats part of Monday Overdrive on The show "intended to showcase all the great aspects of cycling" and especially relevant if you are an Aussie cyclist. Its great to hear positive talk on the radio for the cycling lifestyle. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Utility Bike Mind Map

Have been looking around reading about the Oregon Manifest, and I found the mind map above on 'utility cycles', developed by IDEO & Rock Lobster. Anyone designing a bike should have a look over this. I've taken the liberty to highlight, for me, the most important part of this:

Sydney Cargo Bike Picnic Video

Here is a video from the Sydney Cargo Bike Picnic from Brian Yao. Actually it looks like the whole ride is documented. I love the BBQ on the bike at 13:54

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ryno - I expect wheel see more vehicles like this

Just saw this at inhabitat, pretty cool. I expect we will see more vehicles like this in the future, right up until governments and councils decide they dont like them.

Melbourne Cargo Bike Picnic