Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bond - Famboyant Bicyle Advertising

Here is an add, or short movie, about a new road bike from Cipollini.

I really love this, its cheesy, very cheesy, but its great to see a cycling product being advertised on a more mainstream level. This sort of advertising can only elevate the status of cycling in the eyes of the masses. The film puts a bicycle alongside performance cars, motorboats, and sexy people.  I'm really all for it, cycling is sexy, and the more people who perceive it that way, the more people will be on bikes.

Cipollini is only a small brand, it would be great to see some of the "giant" bike brands take up this style of advertising. It could really help the momentum of cycling advocacy, and further enhance cycling's image.

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  1. Love the locks,small enough and light enough to carry in a pack or handle bar bag.But like the Leica camera in the essentials, for everyday cyclist much more.