Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Monica Bike Center

To promote the use of non-auto transportation, and bicycling in particular, the City of Santa Monica has built and opened 2 Bike Center's in its downtown core near the future terminus of a Light Rail Line.  The Center is intended to provide secure bike parking and a variety of mobility services, including retail, bike repair, bike rental, attended bike parking, public information on alternative transportation, and additional related services. Congratulations, as reviews of the center on Yelp pretty much are 5 out of five all round so far. 

The Santa Monica Bike Center is operated by an independent contractor, and the larger of the 2 Center's offer the services shown below:

Every city has a "central station" or hub for conventional public transport, if every city had a hub for cycling it would fantastic. Somewhere where you know you would be able to get services as above. 

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