Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free Magazines

Hi There, this isn't an advertisement, just wanted to point you to some free quality press. I've found buying magazines to be pretty expensive of late, and I do think its a bit more environmentally friendly to go the online route.  Even though nothing beats thumbing through the real thing.

Firstly Ride Journal,  there 2nd issue is available as a pdf at the moment, there are some good articles, great graphic design and pics. Not to mention a great mix of all riding styles, road, mtb, cross, fixed etc.

Urban Velo has long been a staple for my cycling reading, they always have past and current magazines available free online in pdf format.

Fixed from the UK has older issues available.

For those who dont like to pedal as much you can check out Electric Bike Mag, admittedly I have not read this - but it looks like theres loads of good info here for the E bike dudes.

For off roaders this ones nice, International Mountain Bike Magazine.

I'll keep looking for some more - if you know of any let me know - and Ill work on building up a directory.

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