Monday, January 9, 2012

Architecture Considering Cyclists

Most large scale architecture tends to make consideration for motorists, i.e. they put in parking. Indeed most developed countries will have rules regarding the minimum amount of parking large scale buildings must have. For sure one of the major reasons people don't ride to work, or in this case university, is that their workplace does not adequately attend to the needs of a cyclist. Lets face it, non cyclists don't like you fumbling around whilst negotiating a less than friendly swinging door, walking your bike through the lobby, or cramming it in the elevator.

So its great to see the considerations taken for cyclists in the development of a new building for the Oregon Health and Science University. To start with, a dedicated entrance for cyclists. Nicely tucked under a main entrance, and at street level.

Once entering the building the cyclist will find 150 parking spaces, aswell as lockers, bathrooms and six unisex shower/changing rooms, two changing rooms without showers, and an interior stairway leading from the bicycle area into the main building lobby. In addition to the internal facilities for cyclists the building site will also have 268 short-term parking spots scattered throughout the sidewalk and plaza areas, making a total of 418 bicycle parking spots. And provision has also been made for an extra 150 indoor spots. 

Its not surprising this development is in Portland, definitely a cycling friendly city, but I hope that developers and architects take note and we see these cycling amenities become the norm in new buildings. 

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