Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Carbon Filtered Water Bottle

Black+Blum an Anglo-Swiss design partnership who have set themselves the brief of designing "functional products that will charm and entertain."  Its a nice mission, and one that they do live up to, just have a look at some of their projects at . Their latest product, Eau Good, an organic and stylish looking water bottle that makes tap water taste great, was recently brought to my attention. 
Wanting to create a bottle that would filter tap water as you drink the team enlisted Japanese carbon filters that reduce chlorine and chemicals, add minerals to the water and balance the pH. 
Whilst this bottle is not bicycle water bottle cage friendly, it may be a great bottle for stashing in your bag, and would help alleviate the pain of paying crazy prices for bottled water when your out and about. Wow, remember when we used to drink from the tap!!!

Nothing to do with cycling, but I also like this design -

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