Sunday, February 19, 2012

Better By Bike - Design Competition

Better by Bike is a biennial national design competition held in conjunction with the Melbourne Bike Festival. Seeking to unearth improvements in bike, infrastructure or accessory design that improve the experience of the bike rider. Of special interest to the judges are designs in four categories handy, Happy, Healthy and Hot. 

Looking through this years entries, two designs took my interest. 
Firstly: ‘The Roadie’, made from a durable waxed leather and with a capacity for  six bottles (I assume beer bottles) in a classic six pack formation. This would definitely fall into the Handy and Happy catagories. 

Secondly: The Pause Rack, by Bike Storage. This one took my attention because I'm always interested in new bike rack ideas. I think its a pretty nice solution as the racked bikes have a tidy appearance, and the racks themselves are not visually overbearing. 

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