Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You don't want to mess around with traffic.

You can never be reminded enough that the roads are dangerous for cyclists. This video from "people for bikes" showcasing real life experiences from five US pro cyclists is another great reminder.

One of the cyclists state that we should "be predictable", I highly agree with this. Its pretty easy to change your mind when on a bike and suddenly change direction, suddenly hit the brakes, or suddenly accelerate. If drivers have a sense of what you are likely to do its going to be much safer. This is the sort of practice that is imperative for a group cyclists road racing in a bunch. And so too, is it essential for safe riding in traffic.

I like the comment too "I own a car and I drive it a lot".  That 1 percent of drivers who seem to hate cyclists should be aware, most cyclists are also drivers too. We understand the needs of drivers, and we aren't out there to make life hard for drivers.

Also - I love the frame pump on the time trial bike @4:27.

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