Thursday, August 16, 2012

Manila - cargo bike city

Another post here after my experience over in Manila. I've been thinking about it, and its really quite an amazing cycling city because of the many different forms cycling that take place there. Bikes are used for exercise, personal transport, but also as public transport, transport of goods, and even as ret, with many people using pedi-cabs for travelling short distances. Bikes are also used widely for transportation of goods, and as a platform for business.

BMX style bikes, and mountain bikes seem to be the most common style of bike, and they have been modified for specific needs. The pedi-cabs below have a side-car that can accommodate a whole family, and luggage. They are used for short trips, often as a connecting service to buses or trains.

Another similar form of the sidecar is used to create a cargo bike, this style seemed to be really popular for businesses selling bottled water.

Bike are also used as a basis for businesses, like this shop selling green mango below. The mango was fine, but the locals mix it with shrimp paste. Definitely not to my liking.

 The more I think about how widely used bicycles in utilitarian ways, it may be that Manilla is the cargo bike capital of the world. If it was not for the huge volume of cars and jeepnies on the road, perhaps Manilla could rival Copenhagen. 


  1. Thank you for the kind words, and hope you enjoyed your stay here. Wished more Manilenos would see cargo bikes in a lighter shade than they do now.

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