Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Half A Million Support People for Bikes

With the aim of getting 1 million pledges  for "a better future for bicycling", has hit the half way mark. As an organisation getting to 1 million pledges would be fantastic, as having the support of 1 in every 300 people helps open the ears of Congress men. 

It would be great for more people to take the pledge -  sign the pledge - Im sure there is more than 1 bike for every 300 people in the US. So maybe if you told everyone you know who rides a bike to take the pledge, getting to 1 Million would be pretty easy,so ask someone to sign the PFB pledge today!

I dont know what to think of the following video put out to celebrate hitting 500000 pledges, but I do think Rex T Rider Needs Your Help, as asked for at the 35 second mark.

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