Thursday, May 17, 2012

ORTRE UX, Urban Cross Build - Part 1

The first ORTRE - UX frame is ready to be built up, and we're going do do a few blogs about the build over the next week or two. The UX is essentially a cyclecross frame, with eyelets for all the goodies you might want as a commuter like panniers and mudguards. It's a frame that you can get out on the weekend and log some training miles on, or hit some smooth flowing single-track, but we see it as a utility bike, great for someone who has a fairly long ride to work.  It's a general purpose tig welded frame, but unlike others its 100% Italian Columbus steel tubing, and a 100% steel fork, A frame that will last forever.

Like many of you, I've got a lot of old parts lying around, parts that got out dated, or were just not up to par for the race bike. The UX is here to give those old parts a new lease of life. I could just throw on a new group set, but the old parts are perfect for a commuter.

Because my spare parts collection is pretty extensive Iv'e got two big decisions first up for the build:
  • Drop Bars or Flat Bars?
  • Shimano or Campagnolo?
Stay tuned for the answers - or let me know what you'd do?


  1. Flat
    Very cool! Great product.

  2. Drops. Campy. Honey Brooks leather tape and saddle. Hot.