Saturday, May 19, 2012

ORTRE UX, Urban Cross Build - Part 3

Campagnolo or Shimano? That was the question I was left with in Part 2

The answer, as to which group set was to be used came down to one thing, which group set was in better condition? To be honest they both weren't in great condition, but the Campagnolo probably shifted a bit better, and since the Urban Cross is made from Italian Columbus Tubing, I may as well try to keep a bit of an Italian theme.

With the groupset chosen the first  component to fit would be the bottom bracket. Just a basic Campagnolo unit, and it went in perfectly. With that done, I took the chance to get a few detail shots of the frame before I really got stuck into the build. Beautifully made dropouts and derailleur hanger, and amazing cable guides under the bottom bracket.

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