Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Manila Street Art

I have posted a bit about street art lately, and was pleased to see some in Manila. I came across some paintings market - MMDA art, and luckily I was able to find some information on it. At Wikipedia  it says MMDA Art is official artwork commissioned by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority  and it is painted over graffiti on the perimeter or building walls that are readily visible along the streets of Metro Manila. Mostly the works are composed of combinations of squares and circles in different colours, as were the works I saw. Below is a compilation of some of the work I saw.

Whilst taking photo's some kids came up to observe me, and then they started to pose for the camera. They were pretty cool, but off course they wanted payment for their efforts. I figured 50 pesos was sufficient, they were happy.

It seems that the MMDA Art had become more than just a means of covering up graffiti, and is now a general beautification program for metropolitan Manila.

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