Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cycle-Space - A New Publication

We have just handed over some cash in support of Steve Flemings upcoming book - Cycle-Space. We wish him the best of luck with the book, and I hope that it helps create more awareness of the need for cycle space. If you'd like to help out, have a look at the project on Pozible.

Heres a blurb about the book from the Cycle Space website:

The emerging age of bicycle transport has enormous implications for architecture and urban design. In my book Cycle-Space, I set forward ways the built environment is adapting, will adapt more in the future, and in the process change cycling. I argue post-industrial cities are splitting, into urban renewal zones suited to cycling, and established areas that are remaining dependent on cars. Cyclists’ past battles for drivers’ respect, or their lobbying for protected bike lanes, seem to matter less by the day. Every new brownfield renewal scheme, waterfront promenade, and rail-to-trail project, brings cycling closer to having its own space in the city, contiguous, without hills, and of a rhizome order matching the individualistic nature of cycling.
As well as case studies, theory, and portraits of established and upcoming bicycling cities, the book will feature beautiful photos kindly provided by my friend Mikael Colville-Andersen, plus photos I have taken of best practice examples all over the world.

And here is a video from Pozible

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