Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fantastic Images from Lifecycle

My last post was about some fabulous art, and so is this.  Lifecycle in Singapore commissioned some great artwork/advertising for an outdoor print campaign, fulfilled by DDB Singapore. Its amazing to see a small shop have this quality of advertising, normally something I would expect to see from one of the big industry players.

The three images are so simple, and beautifully executed, and perfectly depict, "Cityscape, Roadmap, and Terrain." Below the images I have included the text that accompanies the images.

You live in a little box.
You get into a little box that drives you to another little box.
And you spend your day thinking little boxed thoughts in your little box.
Till it’s time to leave for the other little box.
Unbox yourself. Get a life. Get a cycle.

Look out the window. What do you see?
Wait, there’s no window.
Only a wall. And fake plastic flowers.
And a fake parquet floor.
A plastic coffee cup on a formica table.
Artificial lighting, on all day.
Get out. Get a life. Get a cycle. 

Intrepid explorer
journeying to the Elevator,
bravely navigating past Office Politics,
catching your breath at Cape Watercooler before
you venture to the unknown land they call the Pantry.
Step out. Get a life. Get a cycle.

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